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Cellphone blocking neutralize the spread of crime in Honduras
Within days, the companies that provide cell phone service should be installed high-tech equipment designed to block the signal in prisons and the areas surrounding them.

The move has been applauded by almost all sectors considered that the provision will help to substantially reduce the number of criminal acts of any kind that are planned from the prisons.

However, residents living in the areas surrounding the prisons have hit in the sky, because they consider the side effects of the measure restricting the signal connection of mobile devices violate their rights.

This weekend, residents of Tamara, where it operates the National Penitentiary, took to protest the legislation sends disrupt cell communication, an action that, as revealed by the same president Juan Orlando Hernandez, was promoted by the wife one of the inmates.

And the inhabitants of the colonies located near the prison in San Pedro Sula, already expressed their opposition to the provision to cancel the cell phone signal and threaten to bring an action for unlawful to make your application to be reversed.

Above these manifestations of discontent, which should be imposed is the pursuit of the common good and this condition is given because the prisons are no longer planning centers and transmission of orders for execution of his criminal activities in varying degrees.

Conservative figures on the incidence of crime in the country, estimated that homicides to order, the collection of the war tax, assaults and other related crimes, are handled through telephone connections gang leaders who keep prison.

As part of efforts to prevent criminal agenda was dictated from prison a few months ago the operators of cellular communication services were required to update the database of each of its subscribers.

However, the exercise did not yield good results, to the extent that the devices called "chips" are being made available indiscriminately.

In the short term, it is expected enact new provisions to the acquisition of these ICs not be indistinct because -as far sucesivo- should be tied to a name, an identity card and other details identifying accurately the profile of each subscriber and therefore determine their possible involvement in illegal activities.

Now is no time for excuses or delays in the adoption of measures that make it possible to act with a strong hand against those who have become prisons in areas where criminals and criminals have maintained an open feast.

On the occasion of the approval of the Limitation Act Cellular Mobile Telephony Services and Personal Communications, what is expected is that the highest standards of living in peace are achieved, in order to prevail the order, the majesty of the law and Justice.